【SVPとは?】「MVP」はMost Valuable Player(最も価値あるプレイヤー、最優秀選手)の略って分かるんだけど、敗北側MVPの「SVP」って何の略なの?


下記の記事によると、Second Valuable Player(二番目に価値あるプレイヤー) の略だそうです。

What does SVP mean in Wild Rift 2023 ▷ MyTruKo

The term SVP in Wild Rift with its acronym in English, it means “Second Valuable Player“, this rating refers to the second most valuable player of the entire game. And, that it will always be awarded to the player with the highest rating or the most valuable of the losing team.

The SVP is without a doubt the goal of every player when he realizes that the game is literally lost. Since, it serves as a personal ego or as an excuse to determine that the game was lost because of your teammates.

In any case, the rating of SVP in Wild Rift It is also important because it helps to increase the MMR or Elo of your account due to your excellent performance in the match.

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